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Editorial October 2018 Newsletter

Editorial October 2018 Newsletter

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Author: Carlos Martinez Arteaga, PMP

Dear Members and Newsletter subscribers,

Project battles - none of us want them, as they require effort to deal with, effort that we know could be used doing something else.

It is complicated to deal with someone who has, for some reason, a tendency to enjoy entering into conflict for no apparent reason. I recommend dealing with this sooner rather than later as ignoring the problem will only lead to one that can not be managed anymore. It is good to enter into discussion when the objective is to find a solution, but it can be very tough to enter into discussion knowing that there will be no agreement. If we foucs on finding a solution and avoid side distractions, a discussion can turn into a success.

PMI gives recommendations or methods for resolving conflict. In the end the objective is to find a solution. And even if it's not the best for all involved parties, it should be a solution nonetheless.

I have been in situations where I was faced with people that, due to their position in an organization, had the understanding that they could impose their ideas. Such cases are not easy, as we have to determine whether it is even worth entering the conflict. Here is where the idea comes into play that some battles have to be fought and others not. We need to evaluate which ones we should fight (and know that we are going to win) and which not.

It takes practice to know which battles have to be directly addressed and which not, but the thinking that goes behind deciding which battles we want to enter into becomes more agile as we exercise the decision making whenever this happens.

Anyways, I leave it there for you to decide what to do.