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PMI Local Chapters – Take Part ! Geneva

PMI Local Chapters – Take Part ! Geneva

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Authors: Daniel Rodellar, PMP

The "Take Part!" event in Geneva that took place on 27 September 2018 was an insider event on what you can do as a PMI Switzerland Chapter member, and learning how others contribute towards and benefit from the institute. These presentations featured an introduction from Jan Cardol, CEO of the PMI Netherlands Chapter, who joined us for this occasion to tell us what has been achieved in the Netherlands, mainly working together with industry and academia.

Some highlights of the presentation in a nutshell:

When classified by industry, 70% of chapter members are in delivery services. One could classify them as "enabling industry" (like ICT service providers) or "creating industry" (delivering products to creators and market). Sponsoring is paying more attention to the creating industry.

By combining industry and academia, we bring scientific research toegether with practice (pragmatic approaches).

Strong links have been developed and maintained over the years by your chapter volunteers, leaders and colleagues, neighboring chapters, PMI mentors, the EMEA Center in Brussels, communities of practice, the PMI Global Board of Directors and many expert practitioners.


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The PMI Netherlands Chapter was historically sponsored by those with a strong enabler focus (construction and engireering environments).

The Project Manager 2020 is a set of opinions on the future of project management by the executive circle of the PMI-NL Chapter (BIG10) called “How do we view the project manager of 2020?”. Project complexity has increased with time, and there is a move away from the triple constraints of time, scope and cost towards the more expanded constraints of risk, reputation, quality, and value brought to an organization.

There are two new roles that appear on the triangle over the classic "time-costs-scope" triangle, namely the product manager and the architect. There is more than one PM required on the projects, at least one per competence.

The project manager, product manager and architect are the three pilars of high performing organizations, but this setup needs to be adapted with the company culture, the personal skills, business & leadership and technical competences.

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On creating alliances with academia, the main focus is on being more loosely coupled with certifications.

To the question "Could we transfer project manager skills across industries?", the product is just different. A project manager that can do that is defined as an organisational PM and has some specialists that deal with the content and technical topics.

Do not forget the power of diversity. When all people share the same mentality, there is no room to give a different view on problems.


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On the question about self-organizing companies, the presenter said "you know... all animals are equal, but some animals are more equals than others."

At the end we enjoyed a brief presentation of the Sponsorship Team by Manju, with details on the sponsoring cycle, the pricing, the team and the great sponsors' satisfaction index (renewal is at 99%). Do you want to become a volunteer and have great sales skills? Sponsoring is the place to be!

Finally, Yann gave an introduction of the Swiss Corporate Network Group (SCNG) and the Volunteers Team.

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The main goal of the group is to share excellence in project management form the past 15 years. And for the volunteers it is about giving the most precious asset we have: TIME!


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 The event was closed by the Social Good 2018, the PMIEF introduction and the e-Newsletter by Agatha.

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