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Author: Manju Bohra

Dear Colleagues and Members,

Hope you are doing well and looking forward to a good summer. I'm very much doing so...with my optimistic rosy lenses on and leaving behind torrential rainy weeks of June ….. I was almost thinking that somebody would need to call Noah back then!

With that hopefully behind us, allow me to give you an update on sponsoring. As you know, sponsorship is critical in lightening the cost pressure and allowing the chapter to maintain its high-standard events. Throughout the last quarter we invested some time with our sponsors to get their feedback on the value from sponsoring and how we could collaborate better in the future. It gives me immense happiness to tell you that our sponsors are very satisfied to build such a powerful and mutually beneficial relationship with us. I'd also like to take the opportunity to recognize the excellent work our Events team is doing; they have a big hand in keeping our sponsors happy too.

During the last two board meetings we scheduled workshops with our Communications team to understand our members better, i.e. which industries they come from, geographic locations and their interests. In this way we hope to provide customized communication platform and services to our sponsors and members.

We are working hard to understand our stakeholders' needs at different levels, and how we could define specific KPIs and provide a way to meaningfully measure returned value.

In closing, I'd like to thank our sponsors' support and close collaboration that enable us to bring quality events to you. PWC merits special mention as they are our Platinum sponsor and continuing their support for the second consecutive year. PMI is very thankful to our Gold Plus and Gold sponsors who have been committed to supporting the chapter for the past many years.

I wish you a wonderful summer and a fun filled holiday period.

Warm regards,

Manju Bohra

VP Sponsoring