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Editorial June 2018 Newsletter

Editorial June 2018 Newsletter

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Author: Carlos Martinez Arteaga, PMP

Dear Members and Newsletter subscribers,

I am lucky to have 3 little kids in my life, all under 6, all irradiate happiness, all full of life, all empty and fill my batteries at the same time...

For those who have kids, it is well known that the day they arrive, a part of us suddenly goes away. Also suddenly we do not have just one shadow, but two!

My kids have molded they way I now am, they have made me a caring person, to put myself in other people's shoes, they have even been able to make me realise that if it takes 5 minutes longer to drive to our destination, it is fine, as long as we get there... and that never again been on time is also fine.

I have become more patient, I might be able to do something quick, but others might be doing that for the first time, like children, and this I have realised though them.

I also become aware of that I have to stand more for what I say, and therefore I have to think of what I tell my kids. Whatever I might say will be considered as totally true, "Dad can't be wrong, he is Dad!!". I have always stood for what I have said, but now more than ever, I have to leave up to it, as if not I will be immediately reminded of what I said...

A kid will show you that it is ok to be friends the second after you fight, that a frienship is stronger than any dispute..., and that no matter how angry you might be, with a few words that anger will vanish away..

Finally, children will make you realise that you too have a dad and a mom, and if they are still around, you will realise what they have gone through to get you where you are today, and how proud they surely feel about you... just like you are of every thing your kids achieve!!

I leave it with my favourite quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry : "The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart".

Sun is life, specially for kids!

Take care.