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Author: Carlos Martinez Arteaga, PMP

Dear Members and Newsletter subscribers,

Spring, sun, warm weather, thunderstorms and wind... unpredictable weather.

In this newsletter I would like to talk a bit about Stakeholder Management, directly linked with effective communication of course.

When trying to achieve an objective, we will soon realise that amongst others, there is always an external factor so called the stakeholders, those people that have an interest and an impact on the way you may reach your objective.

We find stakeholders in all situations, in our house with the family, at work with the project team and those outside directly or indirectly impacted by us, with our friends... all of them are stakeholders that we need to manage if we somehow want to influence them in a way that we can achieve our objective.

I think that there are 5 important considerations to correctly manage our stakeholders:

1.-Identify the stakeholders, and know when to engage them.

2.-If you have a team, assign stakeholders to team members.

3.-Ask for stakeholder feedback, their opinion - engage them. Asking for an opinion makes people feel valued. Consider that if you ask someone for their opinion they will expect that you take it into consideration.

4.-If you do not want to have direct input from the stakeholders and want to make them feel engaged and at the same time gather input, you might want to use a survey, and as a follow up send them back the suggestions that were received.

5.-Finally, treat stakeholders with true interest and respect their ideas. In many cases they will return the favour...

It is not easy to meet everyone's expectations, or to implement everyone's ideas, but if you justify your decisions they will understand, and will know that you have considered their interests.

Consider also that your stakeholders will have their own stakeholders as well, which might make decisions or opinions unstable, like spring...

I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter.

Provide ideas to the team so that they know what your interests are so that they may take them into consideration for future newsletters..


Take care.




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