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Editorial April 2018 Newsletter

Editorial April 2018 Newsletter

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Author: Carlos Martinez Arteaga, PMP

Dear Members and Newsletter subscribers,

Recently I have been in two situations where the simplest solution fixed my problems.

One was related to the layout of rooms in my house, and the other within a project team.

In both cases I had done several changes, thinking that they would solve my problem, these had not been easy to implement, and brought along complications, mainly regarding the duration to implement these and the side effects once implemented.

I had really thought about these changes, thinking that they would definitely solve the problem, but no, the problem did not go away.

Finally, I realized that I had gone maybe too far, making things even more complex, and with a simple and quick fix, I found out that sometimes things can be fixed easily.

I learnt that having a clear idea of what the problem is can then result in an easy fix and that we should strip out those things that surround a problem but are not actually the problem.

Spring arrived and brought longer and warmer days. 

Enjoy the newsletter and take care.