Editorial February 2018

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Author: Carlos Martinez Arteaga, PMP

Dear Members and Newsletter subscribers,

Well our AMM was certainly a success! Almost 200 people attended the event in Geneva. We had an eye opening presentation by Erin Meyer, and everything ran very smoothly. This was my first AMM, and I enjoyed it a lot. I was a bit nervous (if those who attended did not notice), but with the help of colleagues I managed...

A key aspect I value when taking on a project is teamwork. We know that with no team everything can be more complicated and take longer to achieve. As social beings, it is evident that we like to do things in company, but this does not mean that things will always be done correctly. Here is where the team comes in. Characteristics associated with teamwork are loyalty, friendship, diversity, efficiency, synergies, communication, goals... all of which are powerful on their own, but together make an inspiring work atmosphere. Take the time to create a team and preserve it - it will save everyone time, short and long term, both in current and future projects...

I leave it there. Enjoy reading through the newsletter, this month it has many many interesting articles and communications. 


Copy Editor