Editorial. January 2018

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Author: Carlos Martinez Arteaga, PMP


Dear Members and Newsletter subscribers,

Here we are once more, starting a new year. I am sure that many of us have written down our resolutions for the freshly unpacked year... I hope that this year brings us all health and work.

I myself have my resolutions for this year. If I accomplish one of them I would certainly be very happy :)

Generally the list of resolutions from all of us are quite similar: Get in shape, stop procrastinating, eat healthier, spend more time with the family, spend more time doing what we like, reduce stress..., all of which are good intentions, but many of these at the end will not be accomplished, not to mention not even started.

I personally think that we all need to spend more time doing something that we enjoy, working hard at it as though no one else would do it for us, and realizing that life is short!

Enough said.. 2018 will bring the chapter almost a brand new Board of Directors, as there are 8 new members. These will be announced at the forthcoming AMM that will take place on the 1st of February in Geneva. Come join if you are a Chapter Member. You should have received your invitation by now.

Take care!!


Copy Editor