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Author: Loïc Hascher
Dear Members,
I'm just back from Malmö Sweden where the PMI Region 8 meeting was organized. For those of you who do not know, Region 8 is PMI's designation for all chapters from Europe. The meeting is a unique chance to meet chapter leaders to discuss and exchange ideas. What really impressed me was how much passion and dedication the attendees have for their chapters members. There were lots of discussions and brainstorming about how to better collaborate between chapters, and how it can provide local members even more value. One example is the "speaker bureau" initiative. This collaboration across all European chapters aims to list and share all best speakers' contact information. With this we hope to continuously provide you with the best events! This is just one of many examples. There is definitely a lot of energy currently and things are moving quickly. So, stay tuned!!
Loïc Hascher
VP Membership