Editorial November 2017

Carlos Martinez Arteaga 100x100

Carlos Martinez Arteaga, Copy Editor

Dear Members and Newsletter Subscribers, 

Elections are here, and many members of PMI Switzerland have decided to step forward and would like to become part of the Chapter’s Board of Directors, would like to manage the elections process or offer their services as Financial Auditors, all without a remuneration, as a volunteer.

In the past, I always thought that volunteering was linked to humanitarian issues, this was my skewed view about volunteering, as I had never been a volunteer myself in the past.

One never really understands what volunteering really is until she or he becomes one…

Talking from personal experience, volunteering is very self-gratifying, I do not know what made me decide to volunteer, but the company I work for has a yearly event where co-workers offer their hands, brains and of course time to give something back to the society, this was my first volunteering experience ever, and from them it is all history…

For some people, volunteering is a way, as just mentioned, to give and share with the community a skill that they are good at. For others it is an opportunity to develop new skills, for others it is just for fun or to disconnect from routine.

Our chapter is run and works thanks to the effort of all those volunteers, who have decided at some point, that they would like to commit to a work for free.

PMI offers many possibilities to volunteer, but there is an enormous amount of organizations that are run thanks to volunteers, so not necessarily do volunteering opportunities end here.

To end, I strongly recommend that if you are good at something and think that others can benefit from this, that you share it, the pay back one gets from this cannot be paid for.

Enjoy the newsletter, and please vote! it is for the benefit of all