Message from the Board. August 2017

Serge biz

Author: Serge Garazzi

Dear Project Managers,

Hope that you are enjoying your holiday and, should you not be in the position at this time, that you are ... getting ready to grab one in September!

A short note from the Department Operations, the Department that I am heading at PMI Switzerland.

Shortly before the holiday, we migrated email hosting to Gmail. Some of you may say "so, what?". Our Volunteers will value this migration, as we now have a state-of-the-art hosting, which ensures reliable email delivery. Which was unfortunately not the case with the previous hosting provider.

The migration went well, thanks to the Technology Team at PMI Switzerland!

Another innovation which will concern all, Volunteers or not: Email push lists. We will shortly turn on the possibility to receive notifications of upcoming events when they are published. Like this, you can be proactively informed and can secure your seat early. An email list for job opportunities will also be provided, for Chapter Members only, though. A(nother) good reason to join the Chapter, if you haven't yet done so.

The PMI Switzerland bylaws have been ported to the new format and have been approved by the Members. Thanks to Martin Vesely and Sumon Vangchuay for making it happen and to all of you who voted.

Last point: have you already attended a PM Lunch or PM Afterwork drinks event? If not, why not give it a try during the Summer? Please check the Events calendar for the next occurrence in your location!

Enjoy Summer and see you at an event soon!

Kind regards,

Serge Garazi

VP Operations