Editorial. August 2017

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Author: Carlos Martinez, PMP

Copy Editor.

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In this month's editorial I would like to talk about Networking. 

Networking is common practice in the business and entrepreneurial worlds. Although in the last 4 or 5 years this word can easily be heard in many conversations. Humans have always been networking, as it is nothing but the creation of a good contact network to create business opportunities.

Rare is the day, conference or fair that does not reserve a space to facilitate networking among attendees. In fact, many of the people who attend these kinds of events do precisely to meet people and weave their network of contacts for the future. And I even dare say that some of these events are organized as an excuse to facilitate this type of practice.

But what is the use? Networking can be useful to a wide range of people. Speaking out loud, I can think of different situations such as: an entrepreneur who has set up a company and wants to make it known in a certain area; A person with some business idea who needs the help of others to get it going; Or an unemployed person who wants to make himself known to other entrepreneurs and people in the sector.

In the first case, although starting a startup is not a simple task and requires the entrepreneur to dedicate the time and resources that he does not have in the day to day of the company, going to events can be fundamental for a startup. We can receive feedback from our product of people in the sector to be able to improve it, establish contacts to attract users or prescribers of our product or leave our bubble to have a global vision of the sector that we are facing.

Regarding the second situation, one of the most important aspects when it comes to starting a business is to surround yourself with the right people and networking can be a suitable formula for it. We can try to get people for our team or investors who can help get an idea forward.

The last situation is especially important, since about 75-80% of the job offers are not known publicly, opting for companies with people with references and endorsed. In fact some of the latest data that is handled, talk about that almost half of the young people found their first job thanks to a relative or an acquaintance. Therefore, it is fundamental to create a good network of professional contacts, not with the aim of "placing" us in a job, but to familiarize ourselves with the professional world in a certain sector and be informed of the job opportunities that go.

I leave it there.

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