Editorial. July 2017

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Author: Carlos Martinez, PMP

Copy Editor.


Dear Members and Newsletter Subscribers,

Half of the year is already gone, like a bliss, to me it seems that yesterday we were celebrating New Year's Eve, it was snowing, and now suddenly the snow has melted and it is warm!.

Change, we live in an ever changing environment, there has always been change, but the speed change happens today has not precedent and there is no end to it.

We always face change, our family changes, if we have kids, they grow up and change, daily, trust me, and they also make us change.

Our work environment is also always changing, our colleagues, the company strategy, the requirements, the priorities, these are always changing, and they make us change.

Change needs to be managed, and how we handle it will make the difference between moving ahead of change or having to face it longer than wanted, that is if we want to manage it. 

I suppose that looking back we can think of many situations that have changed our life, and I am sure that we are all surprised by some of those changes, that if someone would have told us upfront about it we would have never believed them, but yes it happened and here we are today.

Change can happen and involve us indirectly, this type of change is normally harder to manage, as normally we do not expect it, and it will make us change.

The change that we initiate, in the beginning, for us, can seem easier to handle, but we have to be aware that this change will also affect others, and that they will also try to manage this change in a way that it is easier for them to handle, which does not necessarily mean it will also work for us.

Change can be perceived as something not good, as it means that something will not be the same again, I think that a good way to manage is and to make the most of it, and work for us is to think that a change will always bring something positive at the end, normally it works.

And of course, then, we also change.

Enjoy this month's newsletter, enjoy the weather, and enjoy the break.