Dear Readers,

The 2017 Spring PM Master Class, organized by the chapter and held on a Saturday, 11 March, was an all-day event which passed so quickly, one could be both happy and sad.  Happy, because the day was informative and enjoyable.  Sad, because the weekends are simply too short and Monday was even closer than before.

The event was nearly at its limit, with ten participants representing the industries of IT, Life Sciences, Transportation, and Telecommunications.

That said, very much was discussed and learned, because everyone had different work set-ups which required cultural knowledge of contemporary professional India.  The first half of the day consisted of small-group work, evaluating current experiences and situations, and learning how to establish a clear vision for the future.  The second half, in the afternoon, following an enjoyable lunch buffet, was spent listening to a series of talks by Waseem Hussain on various topics.  All the talks were filled with informal Q&A which ensured that participants were able to walk away with answers they needed.

In addition to the information and interactive sessions, plenty of time was allowed for participant networking. I managed to speak with Nicolas Bidaux (pictured right, below) who in fact attended because he had seen online that the course was taking place. He is not a PMI member, but cross-cultural management is a topic of particular interest to him. After having attended, his message to our readers who were unsure whether to attend: “You will definitely learn and enjoy the interaction!”

So, see you next time!

Paul Selwold

VP Communication & Marketing

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