Ala Lutz

Author: Ala Lutz, VP Membership

Maximizing Efficiency in Project Management

In the fast-paced world of technology, staying updated is not a luxury; it's a necessity. To complement the benefits of AI-driven chat prompts, project managers must continuously develop their skills and stay informed about the latest trends. We offer just the opportunity to do so with the PMI Switzerland Conference, where you will find:

  • Networking sessions to connect, exchange ideas and insights with industry experts, fellow project managers, and thought leaders.
  • Knowledge Transfer of the latest trends, best practices, and case studies in project management.
  • Skill Development through workshops and sessions designed to enhance your skills.
  • Innovation in approaches to project management and emerging technologies.
  • Collaboration and partnership with professionals from diverse backgrounds.

On collaboration and problem solving, PMI offers a new and mighty tool: Wicked Problem Solving. By attending the working session you will be able to discover the benefits of Wicked Problem Solving:

  • Problem Framing: You will learn how to frame complex problems effectively, breaking them down into manageable components.
  • Efficient Decision-Making: You will discover methods to make decisions efficiently, even in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty.
  • Collaborative Problem Solving: You will uncover how to solve intricate problems collaboratively, ensuring better outcomes for your projects and teams.

By attending Wicked Problem Solving workshop, you'll equip yourself with the skill to navigate the most challenging project management scenarios.

To truly thrive in our ever-evolving field, it is essential to stay updated with technology trends and continuously develop your skills. Don’t miss the opportunity to do so by attending the conference this year. We look forward to seeing you soon in Basel!

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Ala Lutz