Author: Joanna Lubowiecka

Joanna Lubowiecka

Interview with Ruth Christine Lechler, speaker of the 12th PMI Switzerland PM Conference

Prepare yourself to be inspired by Ruth Christine Lechler, one of the speakers at the 12th PMI Conference. She will lead us on a journey titled "Empowering Tomorrow's Project Leaders: Revealing the Motivation of Generation Y." Don't miss the enlightening pre-conference interview with her!


Ruth Christine Lechler

Could you kindly introduce yourself and share some highlights from your personal and professional journey?

I am Ruth Christine Lechler, currently serving as a Research Associate at Zurich University of Applied Sciences and pursuing my doctoral studies at WU Vienna as part of the Project Management Group. My primary research and teaching areas encompass project motivation, project management, and organizational design. I am a passionate advocate for Design Thinking and have completed a rigorous course on "Global Team-based Design Innovation with Corporate Partners" from Stanford University. I have also been privileged to earn my degree in Management, Organizational Studies, and Cultural Theory from the prestigious University of St. Gallen (HSG). My professional journey spans roles such as a project manager in strategy consulting, and a project lead in transformation and digitalization projects within the industrial sector

What inspired you to select "Empowering Tomorrow's Project Leaders: Unveiling Motivation of Gen Y" as the theme for your workshops?

The choice of this topic was strongly influenced by my academic research and doctoral dissertation at WU Vienna's Project Management Group. In collaboration with PMI, we've been engrossed in a PMI-funded research initiative titled “The Future of Project Work”. The focus on Generation Y and their motivation to work on projects emerged from this extensive research project.

What outcomes can the audience anticipate from these workshops?

From this enriching session, participants can expect to...

  • Harness their passion and energy for successful project outcomes by delving deeper into their core motivations.
  • Gain insights on mentoring young professionals effectively.
  • Learn strategies to motivate and lead younger team members.
  • Understand how to maintain a competitive edge by unlocking the potential of their young workforce.

After the conclusion of the workshops, attendees will have access to a PMI-issued whitepaper that encapsulates the key findings. Additionally, we are conducting workshops with various companies to aid them in understanding their motivational profiles, and subsequently developing strategic approaches for their project managers and their career progressions, attendees can contact me, if they are interested

How does your presentation align with the conference's theme: "Innovative project management: power skills for the future"?

My presentation, "Empowering Tomorrow's Project Leaders: Unveiling Motivation of Gen Y", aligns with the conference theme by shedding light on the driving forces behind young project professionals. This aligns with the future of project management, where young professionals are not just seeking, but expecting work environments that provide learning, purpose, and achievement - all of which are found abundantly in project-based settings. By unveiling our research findings on what motivates young professionals to engage in project work, the presentation provides vital insights into their power skills. This knowledge will help team leads and organizations to harness these skills effectively, fostering innovative project management practices, and preparing them for a future where such skills will be increasingly important.

What influenced your decision to present at the PMI conference?

I was extended an invitation by a PMI member who had previously witnessed a presentation of mine at another conference. They agreed on the relevance and adaptability of my work, and I am excited about the opportunity to share my insights with the PMI community.