Author: Joanna Lubowiecka

Joanna Lubowiecka

The Power Skill of the Future: Effective Communication in Project Management

Interview with Damien Gauthier, speaker of the 12th PMI Switzerland PM Conference

In today's rapidly evolving business environment, communication has emerged as a highly differentiating skill for project leaders.

Project Managers' roles transcend the technical aspects of project processes, pivoting towards soft skills that drive team engagement, client satisfaction, and project success. But achieving proficiency in communication, particularly public speaking, is not without challenges.

Damien Gauthier

The Driving Force of AI

As we venture deeper into the age of Artificial Intelligence, we foresee that AI will shoulder most of the redundant manual tasks, freeing up Project Managers to focus on more strategic and people-oriented aspects of their roles. 

This prediction from Ricardo Vargas in his latest post ( is seconded by PMI's Pulse of the Profession 2023 report, where communication tops the Power Skills needed by project professionals.

In this not-so-distant future, PMs' capacity for conveying clear, persuasive messages will be the primary factor impacting their team's performance, the outcomes of their projects, and their professional career.

A Workshop to Harness the Future: Impactful Public Speaking for Project Managers

Enter Damien Gauthier's Impactful Public Speaking Workshop for Project Managers. As the founder of ImpactfulSpeaking, Damien has crafted a course tailored to prepare Project Managers for this imminent future. His workshop goes beyond superficial tips and tricks, empowering you with actionable frameworks and professional-level techniques to craft clear arguments and deliver them confidently.

The Man Behind: Meet Damien Gauthier

Damien's diverse background uniquely positions him to elevate your communication skills. As a mathematician, an actor, a director, a UX lead, and a team manager, Damien has accumulated a wealth of experiences that inform his holistic approach to speaking. With the precision of a mathematician, the flair of an actor, and the acumen of a team leader, he helps you master the fundamentals before guiding you toward developing advanced skills.

But his journey didn't stop there. As a curator and coach for TEDx Lausanne since 2015, Damien has honed his expertise to deliver transformative communication training. 

His philosophy? 

To empower good ideas with good storytelling for the benefit of organizational success.

Damien's Journey With PMI

In his successful collaboration with PMI Switzerland, Damien has delivered Impactful Speaking workshops and a 2-day masterclass, leaving a lasting impact on participants. Feedback from these attendees testify to mastering the art of persuasive communication and conquering stage fright – skills valuable across any professional context.

The Future is Now: Join the Communication Revolution

Communication is the key to better results and a thriving work environment. As the leading force in advancing project management excellence, it's only natural for PMI and its members to prioritize this skill. To equip yourself with the tools for effective communication, join Damien's Impactful Public Speaking Workshop.

To know more about Damien and his approach to communication training, visit his knowledge base for free at and explore his training and coaching philosophy at

Trust in him to transform your communication abilities and unlock your true potential.