Author: Adi Muslic, VP Sponsors & Partners

Adi Muslic

Are you ready to embark 🚀 on a journey to explore the dynamic relationship 🤝 between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the world of project management?

Join us for an immersive event where we'll dive into the capabilities and limitations of AI, showcasing 🗣️real-world examples of how it can automate tasks, predict risks, and optimize resources. But that's not all – we'll take it a step further by incorporating the Disciplined Agile toolkit to plan the project, pushing boundaries like never before!

AI in PM with DA

While AI brings efficiency 🤖, it's essential to acknowledge its shortcomings – data reliance, lack of context, and ethical challenges. Let's discuss how to strike the right balance, combining the power of AI with human intelligence and expertise.

Enter Emotional Intelligence (EI), the missing link! 💡 Explore the key components of EI – self-awareness, empathy, motivation, and social skills – and witness how they foster effective communication, build trust, and inspire teams to greatness.

By the end of the event, you'll emerge with profound insights 🧠 into AI's role, along with the invaluable understanding of how Emotional Intelligence complements it. Engage in interactive activities and discussions to hone your skills and unleash your true leadership potential.

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