Authors: Ala Lutz, VP Membership, and Adi Muslic, VP Sponsors & Partners


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In the ever-evolving landscape of project management, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) promises to be a game-changer. As organizations worldwide seek to harness the power of AI to drive digital transformation, PMI Switzerland and other PMI chapters have embarked on a groundbreaking survey to understand the impact of AI in project management. This global initiative invites professionals from all corners of the globe to contribute their expertise and shape the future of project management with the transformative potential of AI.


The Rising Potential of AI in Project Management

AI has revolutionized diverse industries, empowering them with data-driven insights, automation, and improved decision-making. In the context of project management, AI can offer invaluable benefits by optimizing resource allocation, predicting risks, enhancing communication, and accelerating project delivery. By embracing AI, project managers can unlock untapped potential and drive greater efficiency and success.


Become Part of a Historic Global Initiative

PMI Switzerland and PMI chapters worldwide have come together to conduct a comprehensive survey on "AI in project management." This initiative aims to collect perspectives from professionals like you who have firsthand experience in project management and an interest in AI. By dedicating just 5-10 minutes of your time, you become an integral part of this historic global movement.


Empowering Insights Await

Your valuable contribution to the survey holds the key to unlocking powerful insights. In return for your participation, you will receive an invaluable report filled with intriguing findings and analysis. This report, to be released in December, will offer a panoramic view of AI's current and potential applications in project management, shedding light on industry trends and best practices.


How to Participate

Participating in the survey is simple and accessible. Just follow the provided link:, and take the survey to share your thoughts, experiences, and expectations regarding AI in project management. Your unique perspectives will contribute to shaping the trajectory of AI integration and its impact on projects across various sectors.


Embark on an Unprecedented Journey

By joining the PMI global survey, you join a community of forward-thinking professionals ready to revolutionize project management through AI. Together, we will navigate the uncharted territories of digital transformation and leverage AI's transformative potential to reshape project management practices.



In a world where technology drives innovation and progress, AI emerges as a transformative force for project management. PMI Switzerland and PMI chapters globally recognize the significance of AI's integration in projects and are conducting a pioneering survey to better understand its impact. As a project management professional, your expertise is crucial in shaping the future of AI in project management. Seize the opportunity to contribute to this historic global initiative by taking the survey today. 


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Adi Muslic, Ala Lutz