Interviewer: Martin Härri, PMP®, PMI-SP®, PMI-ACP®, Director Corporate Relationships PMI Switzerland Chapter

Martin Härri, PMP 


The PMI Swiss Corporate Networking Group (SCNG) is quite a unique organization within PMI, as very few chapters have a formal network which unites not project professionals, but company representatives. The SCNG was created back in 2010 and is bringing together representatives of over 20 organizations based in Switzerland to share best practices and experiences about project management topics of relevance to their companies. More about the PMI SCNG can be found here.

We are publishing portraits of the SCNG members in the newsletter, with a focus on the points that matter most to PMI members. We hope you will enjoy this new series of articles, and we are looking forward to your feedback.

Company: SUNRISE

SCNG member since: July 2011




Interview Partner: Luca Gambini,

Senior Director Business Delivery Partner


Luca Gambini


Luca, can you tell us a few words about yourself, and how you got into your current position?”

After graduating with a degree in Business Administration, I joined management consultancy Accenture and worked in various roles on large-scale IT and digital transformations for many different telco companies around the world. In 2014, I moved to Zürich to join Sunrise as Senior Director, leading the Business Delivery Partner department in CIO.

On top of that, I am also a guest Lecturer and speaker holding seminars on Business Organization, Information Systems, Digital Skills, Digital Transformation and Innovation Management in several Swiss, French and Italian universities.

“What kind of projects does Sunrise have?”

At Sunrise we pursue many different types of projects. For example, we work on commercial projects focused on launching new products in the space of mobile, fixnet and entertainment. To this end, we also partner with external players if needed. Alongside this, we launch digital initiatives aimed at improving the customer’s experience at all digital touchpoints. And of course, there are also internal projects to advance the operational efficiency of the company and the experience of our employees.

“How do you govern projects at Sunrise?”

We give our people a framework within which they have great freedom. The framework, which is defined by specific processes and guidelines, serves to ensure that projects are delivered on time, on budget and in high quality. At the same time, we give our project managers the opportunity to run the projects as autonomously as possible and offer them support and coaching along the way.

“Which methodology do you apply when implementing projects?”

In our field, we apply the PMI methodology for big and complex IT implementations, tailoring it to the needs of Sunrise. For initiatives that require fast time to market and/or experimentation, we use agile methodologies.

In general, I believe that every company has a cultural background that shapes the way people work. Methods can set the right guardrails and help create a common framework, but at the end it’s how people use them that makes the difference. 

“In the area of project management, what are the main strengths of Sunrise in your opinion?”

On every project, we work very closely with both the business and the technology unit, which over the years has forged a team of very experienced project managers who are able to cover all the different parts of an initiative: from the technical aspects to the process and people ones. We all work together to achieve success for Sunrise.

“Where do you see the challenges/opportunities and trends for project managers at Sunrise in the coming years?”

For sure Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially Generative AI, will be an important technology that project managers will have to integrate into their work in the coming years. I can only quote what ChatGPT replied when I asked about it: “AI can contribute to project management in several ways, such as automating repetitive and mundane tasks, analyzing big data to provide insights, and facilitating communication and collaboration among team members.” Importantly, in this context, while AI can enhance project management processes, it will complement rather than replace the role of project managers.

“Why should talented project managers and officers work for Sunrise?”

At Sunrise, talented project managers have the opportunity to work in a very dynamic industry where the success of their projects can have a tangible impact on the lives of our customers. Think, for example, of the launch of the 5G mobile network or the first companion device powered by a Sunrise eSIM. And they work in a very diverse and safe environment. This is what makes working here so enjoyable for me, every day.