photoAuthor: Dr. Lucilia Caramelo, PMP

Subject: EVENT REPORTS: Projekt erfolgreich - Projektleiter hatte vier Ohren! (September 1st, Zurich)

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Published: Thu 29-Sep-2011 13:12:36


On 1st. September around 30 participants joined the PMI Education Event to learn more about good communication in projects.

After Peter Kerner's introduction Italo Ponzo, the man with bow tie - yes this bow tie caught your eyes, what does it tell us about the wearer? - had to tell us a lot of very interesting things about communication.

So we learned that communication happens all the time, if we want or not, even with saying nothing we say something.

Communication is considered as a soft factor in projects and this is maybe a reason that many project managers are not able the give condensed and relevant, let say crisp project information to their boss.

Listening with Four Ears means to understand the entire message as it contains a lot more of information then only facts. It contains specific information about the relationship between the communicators, it contains a plea and as well self-revelation. A good communicator is aware of these facts and is able to use it.

The very active PMI audience discussed some Lessons learned:

  • Use 'I-Messages'
  • Listen with all four ears
  • Use meta-communication to solve communication problems
  • If bad communication worries you then check your fantasies vs. reality and talk about it
  • Be yourself
  • A message should be simple, structured, crisp, stimulating, direct, transparent, open, containing a plea
  • Eliminate all unneeded stuff in written messages

Important is to understand, that communication is all the time bidirectional and it?s your responsibility to take care that your information was understood.

I hope this give you some hints to consider if you would profit when you improve your communication skills.

Report by Markus Affolter, PMP

More information about this Special Evening Event is available here.