Author: Joanna Lubowiecka

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"Let's play: Facilitating your next strategy planning" held 24 May at SIX ConventionPoint in Zurich, proved to be an incredibly enjoyable and beneficial experience.

The gathering kicked off with an insightful presentation by PMI, highlighting the community and advantages of being a part of the Project Management Institute. As a current member, I discovered new features and further understood the tremendous value of belonging to this esteemed institute.

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The most exciting part of the event was Pierre E. Neis' captivating presentation. He introduced us to a game called "Toast," which turned out to be a simple yet powerful tool for teamwork. We played the game individually and in groups, facing challenging tasks that required us to work together effectively.

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During the game, we learned that even daunting objectives can be achieved when we combine our efforts and use our unique strengths and perspectives. Neis guided us through the game, teaching us how to communicate effectively, solve problems, and create a positive team environment.

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As we played, we saw a remarkable transformation within the group. Despite the initial uncertainty, we witnessed a shift in mindset as ideas flowed, cooperation increased, and creativity thrived. The game showed us the importance of strong leadership and revealed the untapped potential that teams have when they collaborate and think outside the box.

This eye-opening experience had a profound impact on all of us. We gained practical insights and strategies to improve team performance in our workplaces. The lessons we learned from "Toast" will undoubtedly be applied by many as they strive to create more efficient, collaborative, and motivated teams in their organizations.

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We extend our sincere appreciation to all those involved, including our sponsors pwc, Adex, and STS, as well as our dedicated volunteers, for their invaluable support in making this event a resounding success.