Author: Philip Springuel, PMP 

Newsletter Copy Editor

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Dear friends and colleagues,

In her Message from the Board, Ala Lutz, VP Membership, describes the Guest Pass Program that allows one year of free membership for new members of PMI Switzerland. Don’t miss the profiles of three new members in this month’s newsletter, yours can be next!

With a new article for a continuing series in your PMI Switzerland Newsletter, Eric Jelenje shares more thoughts about Diversity and Unconscious Bias. Another article describes an upcoming interactive session introducing two powerful tools: the Team Alignment Map and the Team Contract. Also this month, Leandro Benda deep-dives into the complex planning process that goes into preparing for a Marathon.

To offer a memorable experience at the coming 12th Annual Conference, please offer your input and participate in the Pre-Event Survey.

With the success of our previous strategy planning event in Lausanne, we are delighted to offer another workshop on this topic with Pierre NEIS. See the events calendar and connect with our social media to plan your participation in the many networking and training events coming up.