Author: Philip Springuel, PMP 

Newsletter Copy Editor

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Dear readers,

In this March 2023 newsletter, we begin with a message from PMI Switzerland's Vice President for Communications & Brand Development, Thando Dube, who recounts the Annual Members Meeting of 2 February, and offers insights into the Chapter’s plans for 2023. 

Other highlights include Board member Vice President for Volunteers Joachim Dehais, who praises the achievements of our Volunteer of the year for 2022, Leandro Benda. He also recognises the many contributions of several other volunteers who have distinguished themselves in service to PMI Switzerland, and reminds you that there are many more volunteer opportunities available. Do check our website and contact Joachim to get started on your journey.

As we propose each month, take a moment to meet new PMI Switzerland members, 4 are profiled here. 

With many events scheduled ahead, your newsletter this month offers good reasons why you should quickly turn to our events page to book your place. For example, this Tuesday’s online event will discuss ERP transformation, and we remind you of the strategy planning workshop of 16 March.

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Newsletter Copy Editor