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It is costly – takes long time – only consultants have benefits – we are done after our 10-year ERP journey – we have other priorities.

Those are just some of the typical reactions of stakeholders to the idea of a new ERP.

Yet, for various reasons, companies need to consider and finally embark on the ERP journey. There is a range of arguments:

  • ERP Vendors stop supporting their older products or pushing for their newer cloud versions.
  • running on multiple various ERPs causes growing challenges for IT and business functions.
  • current ERP platform does not support the growth of the business.

Based on the starting position and envisioned ERP target state, there are various ways how to achieve an ERP transformation.

Trust the process and do not forget about the methodology! 

ERP platforms evolve and diverse Project Management methodologies are being developed and adapted to support ERP project-specific aspects.

The complexity of ERP projects is the greatest challenge. Dependencies between various capabilities and processes, and the technical realization in customizing and development requires in-depth and long-term expert knowledge and shall be managed with a lot of practical experience.

In the webinar, we will present a few Swiss and German client case studies of the recent ERP (S/4HANA-based) transformations. We will focus on various transformation scenarios, methodologies, tools, and common challenges.

We look forward to welcoming you and we are excited to discuss your or your client’s experiences.


Marcin Pozorski Partner at AdEx Partners based in Frankfurt/M, responsible for the ERP Transformation Service Portfolio.

Marcin has spent most of his career working on large-scale international ERP (SAP and non-SAP) implementations as well as managing key SAP platforms within the SAP Centre of Excellence at a global automotive OEM. 

Right now, he is helping his clients to answer their key questions around the ERP strategy, roadmap, and required preparation activities. He is actively contributing to the ERP Program & project management teams and program sponsors.

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Tobias Wittebrock, AdEx Partners based in Düsseldorf, is responsible for Application Transformation Service Portfolio.

Tobias has spent most of his career working on large-scale international Business Transformation Programs (SAP and non-SAP architectures) with a focus on strategic enterprise architecture, integration, and operations.  

Currently, Tobias is advising companies regarding their ERP strategy focusing on the IT operations, Cloud, SAP RISE, and required preparation activities. He is also helping in bridging the needs of integrated ERP implementations and the expected agility in modern project management approaches.

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