Author: Philip Springuel, PMP 

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Dear friends, colleagues, volunteers and devoted Swiss Chapter newsletter readers,

For this 2022 year-end newsletter, we’re delighted with Chapter president Stefan Vesenmeier’s Message from the Board, which highlights his key takeaways from the PMI Leadership Meeting in Prague this past October, including his impressions confirming the Swiss Chapter’s leadership among its peers in Europe.

In this December’s newsletter, also find many reasons for attending the upcoming event featuring Chris Croft, when interactive sessions will help you improve team efficiency and management. To celebrate our strong 2022 events line-up throughout this year, we invite you to participate in developing another impactful year, with a survey that will support events planning for 2023.

Our December newsletter invites you to get to know two new members this month. Among the many benefits of membership and volunteering at PMI Switzerland, our newsletter also reminds you to cast your votes in our Chapter Elections.

Stay connected with your PMI Switzerland Chapter news, when upcoming newsletter articles promise to bring you more insights about our leadership among 35 PMI Chapters worldwide. As always, be sure to follow our social media channels to stay ahead in your career by attending our events and, why not? Join the fun as a volunteer!

With best regards,

Philip SPRINGUEL, PMI Switzerland Newsletter Copy Editor