Author: Sangamitra Prayaga PMP

Daniel Rodellar


AGILE – more than a software development methodology or tool kit. In this VUCA world, being AGILE is a corporate imperative. It needs to be a mindset of all employees. An organizational culture. And who better than PMs to promote it? With their inherent understanding (hopefully!) of the significance of: Knowing the organizational context

Stakeholder identification & management – both internal & external Continual evaluation of risks and opportunities.


The application of principles of PDCA – Plan, Do, Check & Act – in everything that we do.

The AGILE journey in Credit Suisse (CS) started in 2019 which was presented in a PMI Event “Agile Transformation at CS” and soon embraced by the “complete business”. Credit Suisse formally outlined its intention to support business divisions to implement an agile operating model.


No longer “Agile software development”. Restricted to the “techies”.

This is where the story starts. In the Swiss Bank IT, a transformation program called ‘AURORA’ was established. The Swiss Bank COO, Stephanie Hoogenbergen is leading and orchestrating this program.

Join this event to hear the extraordinary story directly from her.


IPM Day 2022, Zurich: Agile is simple. It just isn't easy. Story of Credit Suisse SB IT journey
03-11-2022 18:00 -21:00
Credit Suisse - Hagenholzstrasse 20/22 - Zürich

Agile. We have all heard of it. But how does one make it a success in a Swiss Bank?

Find out about the challenges,lessons learned and success from the COO of Credit Suisse's Swiss Bank IT.

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