Author: Adi Muslic, PMP

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Welcome to the Organizational Transformation Community of Practice (CoP). This is an open community. You do not need to be a PMI member to participate. It’s a safe place for collective and collaborative learning. All community members are active participants who share their experience and challenges. Members encourage and support each other. 

We talk about change and transformation. It can be a small or a big change. It can be one team or a corporation-wide change. In today’s world, organizations are struggling to navigate the tension between running and changing their business. Project managers equipped with the right set of organizational transformation skills can help organizations to steer successful transformation projects.  


Do you want to be part of transformation change makers? Do you want to share your experience? Do you want to participate in collective and collaborative knowledge sharing and learn from others? 

Then this is the right place. Come and meet us. Let us tell you more about our community and how you can participate.

You do not need to be a PMI member to participate. You just need to be a passionate change maker.

Join us to improve your transformation skills and knowledge, brainstorm together, solve problems and discuss training resources.

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Looking forward to meeting you.