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Author: Marc Lahmann

Partner and Leader Transformation Assurance, PwC

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Nowadays everyone is talking about agile and its great potential for quickly delivering value to organisations and customers. Anyone following this discussion might get the impression that agile is a silver bullet. While some organisations have demonstrated success in agile project or programme delivery, others have been seriously struggling to quickly deliver the expected benefits – or to deliver anything at all. Why is that?

Have these organisations suffered a lack of agile education and experience or made inappropriate use of agile methods and tools; did they encounter resistance to cultural change, or was there just a lack of discipline? Was it maybe a combination of all these factors? In our presentation we will answer these questions and more:

  1. Why agile projects, and especially large-scale agile programmes, often struggle, and
  2. How the challenges and risks of agile delivery can be overcome to ensure smooth and continuous delivery of value and realize the expected benefits.

Structure of the presentation

  • Agile delivery – the pervasive solution for maximising transformation benefits? 
  • Scaling agile in order to comprehensively realize business objectives 
  • Embedding agile in a full scope transformation approach
  • When to act – common risk areas and early warning indicators 
  • Our point of view

Link to the full article: https://pmi-switzerland.ch/index.php/files/41/Public-Files/37/can-agile-enable-a-full-scope-transformation-approach.pdf

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