Design Thinking toolbox for Project Managers

Author: Johana ten Hove, PMP

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Enhancing your Project Management skills by boosting ideation and collaboration

Do you feel like you're juggling competing expectations, priorities, and people?

Join the interactive session to learn and experiment in Design Thinking, and which simple tools can support you with delivering a project where your stakeholders feel engaged from start to end. The session is designed to teach you about the principles of human-centric problem finding and iterative solution creation. Sign up and walk away with concrete tips and tricks to bring back to your project work (both online and on-site)!

This will be the agenda for the day:

  • Introduction to Design Thinking principles
  • The 4 Key questions: Why, When, What, and How to use Design Thinking while managing and delivering your projects
  • Design Thinking in action: Let’s get practical and use some methods to experience and understand the benefits of Design Thinking
  • Experience Sharing and Key take aways
  • Apéro and networking time

Are you wondering if the topic is for you? 

Here are some additional insights that might help:

Design thinking methods originated from observing the way designers go about understanding their client's needs and creating products they truly love. As project managers, we deliver solutions and innovation to our clients or stakeholders hoping they value the results as much as the project team who designed them.

How do we make sure we understand needs and create something truly valuable?

There are many design thinking principles, methods and tools that can enhance your project delivery - be it classic or agile. Here are a few of the topics which will be covered by your speakers and facilitators both from theory and practice perspectives:

🡪 Breaking the ice and connecting

  • Facilitating open conversations about project objectives, scope and outcomes
  • Amplifying voices and sharing ideas in a safe space
  • Diffusing tension or disagreements

🡪 Improving Transparency and Alignment:

  • Reaching alignment and prioritization across stakeholders
  • Democratic and simple decision making
  • Running great project meetings and retrospectives

🡪 Problem finding and target framing:

  • Observing beyond the obvious
  • Identifying and agreeing on the right problems and objectives
  • Understanding the needs and goals of clients and stakeholders

🡪 Ideation and iterative solution generation:

  • Creative thinking and prototyping
  • User testing
  • Evaluation and improvements

The team of certified facilitators is looking forward to taking you on a Design Thinking journey around human-centered methods and, after the event, there will be an apéro and the opportunity to network with other Design Thinkers to share your perspectives. 

Join us on May 17th!