Author: Philip SPRINGUEL, PMP

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Dear members,

Happy New Year 2022! Welcome back to your PMI Switzerland Chapter newsletter.

As the joys of the year-end holidays among friends and family slowly take a back seat, and we regretfully sweep away the dried pine needles still littering the floor where a Christmas tree once stood, we symbolically refocus and charge ahead with our projects.

This month, we begin with a Chapter Board Message from departing VP Sponsors & Partners Board member Agata Czopek, who inspires us to build powerful habits for a positive mind.

In addition, your newsletter offers a reflection on SIX’s extraordinary early project management reaction to the coronavirus outbreak. And, to assist you in managing risk in COVID times, we present a - French language - look at PMI Switzerland's upcoming January 25 ‘Zoom’ event. 

Two retrospectives evoke fun and games: first with a look at how our PMI volunteers did with the LEGO scheme, and another on the Open Negotiations approach. We also bring you a review of the Organizational Transformation Series, highly recommended for upping your skills in this regard.

Read further to meet new members; mark your calendars for upcoming events; and as always, follow our fresh news on social media.


PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter Copy Editor