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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is also the former Board Member of the PMI Switzerland Chapter and the holder of the PMP certificate. With his certification in Agile methodologies (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Scrum Master) and his experience and deep knowledge in business process management, he is the founder and the CEO of “processCentric GmbH” (, company that offers training and consultancy in this domain.

After a brief introduction and explanation of the origin and the name of the method (Handbuch für Elektronischen Rechenzentren des Bundes, eine Methode zur Entwicklung von Systemen), Serge went into some detail about its elements. Those of us who had the opportunity to work in administration bodies, have seen some familiar diagrams and flowcharts. Indeed, HERMES is the project management framework for all Swiss administrative bodies - from Confederation, through Cantons, down to Municipalities. This is why mastering HERMES opens the door to all public tenders as they are all managed according to this method.

Other HERMES products (program management, process management)

HERMES does not end at project management, program management is also standardized. A guide for managers also exists that describes their roles and responsibilities (sponsors, stakeholders). All of this information is available on-line for free at “”.

Finally, a certification scheme was presented. The entry level certification, HERMES Foundation, requires knowledge of the method even without experience. HERMES Advanced requires some practice and is liable to periodical recertification (much like PMP).

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