Author: Shalini Krishnan, PMP

Shalini Krishnan

Dear Members and Newsletter Subscribers,

And just like that we are almost halfway through 2021! 

In case you're feeling like me and have noticed that while the days are getting longer there seem to be less hours in them, I'll keep this short and sweet and share with you a few of the exciting articles we have for you this month:

- Feedback on the PMI-DASSM certification training

- Why Project Managers Should Become Better Visual Storytellers


Make sure to also check out the details of our upcoming events:

- Stakeholder and Team Management (June 15)

- Hermes - Your ticket to winning a public tender (June 22)

- Number 1 bestselling project management author of The Lazy Project Manager's take on Why Stakeholders Regulary Ignore Your Project Reports and How to Fix That (July 1)


Stay safe, and stay agile :)