Author: Daniel Rodellar, PMP

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Dear members and newsletter subscribers,


This edition of the newsletter is bringing you a combination of news about exciting future events and a glimpse of past events, so you can assess what has happened on our events' side. The teams are doing great efforts to bring you events that are interesting for the Project community that we are.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers for their hard work to “keep the lights on”, and our sponsors for their support and engagement. These days many things keep changing constantly. Change is happening too frequently, and we do not have the time to cope with all of it. Rules and people change, behaviors change, and we need to adapt to keep on. Probably if we had a record of changes (like we do in projects) since 2020, we will have a long list and some changes on the previous ones will make it difficult to track.


On the newsletter side we also have changes, happening mostly on the backstage. New people are joining, some are leaving, and some change positions. Sometimes we can arrange transitions, and transfer knowledge and know-how, and sometimes it comes as a surprise with immediate effect, no time to transition. We need to navigate these waters and get in mind the vision of the bright days that we remember, to guide the boat to that destination.


On behalf of the newsletter team, I wish you all to be safe, in good health and to have the courage to navigate against all storms, using your project gears, tools, wisdom and knowledge to succeed. Use your expertise to maneuver your projects to destination.

And thank you, our reader, for the precious time you spend with us!


Daniel Rodellar, PMP

Publications Director