Some people say that projects are either executed in a traditional (plan-driven with a Gantt chart) or Agile (prioritized backlog-driven with a scrum board) way. However, Martin Härri will present how he successfully combined the two approaches for a 20+ million project at SIX. It is 6 years ago where Martin Härri held his legendary (as he claims :-) ) presentation entitled “Who is afraid of Microsoft Project”, where he shared 10 best practices how to use this tool to successfully manage projects. And now he dares to present again, this time with a different tool (Jira), and with a very interesting approach. Do you think it is possible to mix agile and waterfall project planning and tracking practices to keep a large project under control? Martin claims to be doing this successfully for a 20+ project at SIX, the Swiss financial services company, and he will share how he does it. Combining Gantt chart and demos/retros? Absolutely! Combining due dates and sprints? Very well possible!

If you are curious, don’t miss the event on 21 January 2021 on “Experiences from applying a hybrid approach when planning a 20+ million project”

 Who is afraid of MS Project