When I hear about Artificial Intelligence, the picture that comes into my mind is “Terminator” and machines that learn by themselves and that this technology is far , far away from what I can do in everyday life.


Anna Hakobyan and Manu Reynaert have shown us that Artificial Intelligence is closer to us than we think and that it is not “a kind of magic” (like Queen said in one of its songs). First of all , it is better to set up the basis and sharing a definition of Artificial Intelligence.

 Anna and Manu showed us that we do not need to think about Super AI to obtain benefits. Narrow AI using machine learning can provide us what we need and give us time for strategic thinking and/or human interaction (do not forget human interaction in these days of pandemia and confinement!).

 One of the examples that was used to illustrate this idea was the resource allocation in the port of Montevideo.  There are 4 clear processes with lots of data collected. Using machine learning with this amount of data can provide us with the best allocation of resources.

 Have you ever seen a chat window in some websites where you can ask some questions and they provide you some answers? This is also artificial intelligence using chatbots. The technology is here , it is only a matter of defining your strategy (what do you want AI for?) and applying the different technology tools to support your strategy.

When it comes to project managers we always hear that the majority of the time is spent in communicating and so called admin tasks. 

 Can you imagine that you introduce actual data into an algorithm to provide you the best resource allocation and estimated to complete based on data from other projects as reference?

 And what about having a free hands speaker that could record the meeting and write meeting minutes using NLP (Natural Language Processing)?

 This is how project could look like:


 Like all new proposals we can reach the ethical frontier when we start thinking about using sentiment analysis to identify personalities and recommend actions based on each individual personality. What if the sentiment analysis was wrong? Who will be responsible for this?

 If you want to start tomorrow here is a little roadmap


 Last but not least, let me thank Manu and Anna for sharing these concepts with us on such a special day like Thanksgiving. I hope that the turkey was not too roasted because we were keeping them busy .


You can also find the recording in the following link AI meets Project Management – How will the AI empowered PM world look like in2021 - YouTube