Author: Adi Muslic, PMP

Adi Muslic 100x100pix

"Due to the current pandemic situation, I want to take this as an opportunity and introduce “Online Events” for our community. However, to make this possible I need your help!"

This sentence comes from the message Stefan Vesenmeier, VP Events, published in the newsletter on 27th March. A group of volunteers had its first meeting on 1st April. In three months, the Online Events team delivered 5 events that were open to members and non-members. What made it even more exciting, was the fact that we had participants from other countries. The events were organized on different platforms, which sometimes resulted in technical difficulties though experimenting was necessary to help in selecting the right platform. All online events were recorded and can be viewed on-demand on PMI Switzerland's YouTube channel.

Without and doubts, this initiative was a great success, and will certainly change the way events will be organized in the future. It will probably require some changes in the organization as there are now new roles to be covered. I am looking forward to hearing how this experience will reshape PMI events in Switzerland going forward.

Wish you a warm, sunny, and safe summer.