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Message from The Board April 2020

Message from The Board April 2020

Author: Stefan Vesenmeier, PMP

Dear members and friends,

I hope you, your families and loved ones are safe and well. Over the last few weeks all of us have experienced dramatic change to our professional and private lives at a scale none of us could have imagined. COVID-19 is impacting all areas of our lives, from social distancing to remote work, sudden demands on homeschooling, adjusting child and elder care, border controls and many other aspects. We are currently in a challenging situation with most of us working remotely; even if we have done it before, working from home because of coronavirus feels different and creates new challenging situations, that also have ripple effects on our private lives.

Crisis, when written in Chinese, is composed of two characters - one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.
The coronavirus crisis also affects PMI Switzerland’s effort to support Project Management Professionals around Switzerland. Especially our regional event teams in Basel, Romandie and Zürich are adversely affected by not being able to continue organizing interesting and valuable live in-person events for their PM communities. In a recent Swiss wide team meeting we all had the same feelings: the teams did not only miss the teamwork and organization within the teams (as they cannot meet in person anymore), but also the direct and in-person contact with their customers and friends – in other words with you, our PM community. After we had to cancel all previously planned events, we agreed to pause the in-person events until after summer break. We’ll be back in September!

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps – Confucius
The purpose of our event organizing engagement is to help you improve your skillset, increasing your value to your organization and enhancing your career prospects. We don’t want COVID-19 to take this away from us and you – so, we initiated the project “OnlineEvent@PMI-CH”. We believe bringing our events online will allow us to continue offering up-to-date and interesting topics around the PM Profession to you. Our first virtual event will take place end of April - see below to find out more about “OnlineEvent@PMI-CH”.

Finally, and most importantly, please watch over your and your family's good health. And stay positive.

Warm regards
Stefan Vesenmeier
VP Events - PMI Switzerland