Author:Vinicius Cruvinel

Python Language and Project Management: Is that possible?

Yes. That is the first word you need to read in this article. Besides a very simple high language, Python can be used in many such opportunities, like data science or in GIS for example. Created by Guido Van Rossum, Python is an open source language which in nowadays become common used: you can estimate precipitations or even can produce a little game using Python.


Figure 1 – The Sims 4 –mod support was done for The Sims 4 using Python

But let’s do it more seriously and focus in what matters for here: Project Management. How can Python be useful?

Python has a lot of already made libraries and modules, which can be applied to make any task you want in the management cycle, from create your WBS structure, make Gantt charts or even do communication reports.

The focus in the article #1 is not to start implement but to show that is possible to do, but below you can find a example of a very simple code to make Gantt charts using the library plotly.


Figure 2 – Using the library plotly to make Gantt charts


Figure 3 – The output from the code

You can code from the scratch and develop your own project management system - and that is the fun part, to customize as you need – or also can use some already done platforms like Odoo, a web based project management platform coded using Python and PostgreSQL that also has others functions like Kanban-style task-tracking view for agile teams.


Figure 4 – screenshot from the Odoo platform

As already said, there is many possibilities to implement a nice and clean environment for project management.

Soon in the next articles we will start to understand more about the language and start making our first steps to develop a simple environment to create a WBS.