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The Funny Lazy Project Manager with Peter Taylor

The Funny Lazy Project Manager with Peter Taylor

Geetanjali Bhat

Author: Geetanjali Bhat, PMP

“The Funny Lazy Project Manager” - An event title we all were surprised and curious to hear about. A Funny and insightful, extraordinary workshop given by Peter Taylor. 

I was really keen to listen to what all is this about. Being a project manager, definitely a project manager cannot afford to be lazy. How can achieve the deadlines? How can we accomplish tasks? All these questions were in my mind, as I heard the title being presented as “The Funny lazy Project Manager” I am sure you all would be thinking in the same lines.

A project manager can be successful with a 35 to 40 hours week , another project manager can be just as successful with a 50 to 70 hours week. An analysis was made by Peter Taylor , the level of delegation , way they were involved in many things triggers the success.


“Progress isn’t made easier by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something”- Robert Heinlein. Peter Taylor states, it’s not about being lazy or sitting in a comfy chair, drinking coffee and letting all the team members do the work, its about the “Productively Lazy”.

Peter Taylor states about 80% and 20% rule. According to him, 80: 20 rules generally works. In most of companies today, 80% of revenue came from 20% of customer base in many organizations one of them is Microsoft. In our personal lives too, 80:20 rule works well.

We must think about what is that 20% of our work that delivers 80% benefits. The most important to prioritize them. Focusing on the most important first and then moving to next important one, things will move more better. We start feeling more achieved, and more positive in reaching our goals.

Working efficiently and effectively is the keyword for all. Same is for a project manager, but along with efficient and effectiveness comes in the form of leading people in right direction. With managing people, comes the responsibility of understanding the potential and capacity of each person in the team. This is defined by Peter Taylor as the “The Intelligence of Laziness” where types of persons in a team can be categorized as:
• Lazy
• Diligence
• Smart
• Non-Smart


Selecting the right person at the right time for their capability and potential is an art which can lead to great results
Further to his talks, he says that the project manager can gain more while bringing humor to the work and day with the team. He explains of how Humor can bring in that excitement to work and give more to our projects in our professional lives.


As a listener to this great talk, I would like to summarize that if we apply the art of productive laziness with a little humor and fun to our professional or personal lives, I am sure we can achieve bigger goals and milestones that we set for ourselves more successfully. Today, I would be going back home and thinking about the 20% work which can give me that 80% of benefits and how I can apply more humor and fun to my work and connect more with my team and people!!!