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Newsletter Editorial November 2019

Newsletter Editorial November 2019


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Author: Adi Muslic, PMP

We are in November, warm sunny days are behind us. This does not mean that we can be less warm when dealing with clients or stakeholders. Having experienced recently some situations where I as a client have not received replies nor answers to my queries reminded me again how important is to make an effort to reply even briefly.
Client focus does not stop when there is no direct interest or business opportunity. It is a permanent engagement. Ones in touch with a client we are committed to a long relationship. If we break it, it is very unlikely we will have a second chance.

A couple of weeks ago, my former colleague contacted me asking for guidance. I was happy to help and am looking forward to hearing from him again. Friends, colleagues, family, stakeholders, clients could be all regarded as clients. Keeping existing clients is much easier than finding new ones. Hence making the clients happy or at least satisfied is very important. A tricky part is managing all these relationships. With so many ways of communication responding to all requests might become a challenging task. Just have a look at groups that you follow on Linkedin. Any group that does not have a dedicated content manager will most likely be inactive and without any interesting information.

If our role is to communicate with the clients we must dedicate time and resources to keep it open, active and interesting. We will know it works if we receive feedback. If there is no feedback I suggest investigating why. Interesting and well-targeted subjects will certainly help. Not over-communicating helps too. So let me stop here.

I hope I made this November a little bit warmer for you. Wish you great client experiences.

Best regards,