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Newsletter Editorial October 2019

Newsletter Editorial October 2019


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Author: Carlos Martinez Arteaga, PMP

Dear members and newsletter subscribers,

How do you feel about business travel? How do you tackle the absence of the family warmth?

I recently read a post in social media, which I immediately identified with. I love my family and I really love my job. I also like travelling, even if it is just for business which leaves very little time (if not none) to explore the surroundings. If your job also requires extense travelling, then there is a conflict as you cannot spend time after work with the ones you care most about.

There was a colleague of ours who suggested to stick as much as possible to the technologies that are readily available for us today, like video conferencing, and only travel when strictly necessary. I think this works perfectly, especially if everyone has their camera on. Sometimes, because of the different accents, it is also useful to read lips :)

I am still of the thinking that it is always very possitive to meet face to face with those you regularly work with, this creates a bond that video conferencing cannot match, but after having met people face to face at least once, it is normally sufficient to then carry on the working relationship using the mentioned technologies. What do you think?

When you meet face to face, it allows time for discussing things aside from work, which reinforces the working relationship, something which on video conferencing is not typically possible due to the fact that the meetings are usually subject to a schedule, and when the time is over people usually hang-up.

F2F meetings can be subject to a schedule, but these usually afford the possibility to have a coffee, lunch or even dinner, where topics differ from the business and can become more personal. Here is where the value of F2F can come in - once again, enhancing the working relationship.

I am willing, and most probably others also, to understand how you do it and what your point of view here!

I hope you are all prepared for the cold weather (it will come some day).

Enjoy the newsletter!