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Listening to Lead by Annie Bordeleu

Listening to Lead by Annie Bordeleu

Geetanjali Bhat

Author: Geetanjali Bhat, PMP


Listening to Lead


Project Managers thrive to lead people and projects. Need I say more how schedules, priorities and deadlines are the most important part of Project Manager’s life. Today “listening” to a great workshop made me and many other project managers out there to analyze one question “Are we listening???” An eye opener session on “Listen to Lead” for all of us by Annie Bordeleu.

 listening author


Biggest and best way to transfer the ownership is by listening

Quality of listening enhances quality of thinking

As we moved forward in the session, it became more and more interactive by getting involved in some exercises like we needed to think about a project decision good or bad and analyze like when you listen, you investigate things:

  • Listening for opportunities
  • Noticing Energy
  • Leading with Questions
  • Starting Slow

If a person comes up with a conversation given below:

“I have so many conflicting priorities. I don’t know how to manage anymore. You’re good at this . What do you suggest? It’s crazy, I have to do something to reduce my heartburn.

At this moment there can be many questions that would arise but are we really listening??? There is a huge difference in Listening FOR and Listening TO. With right questions in place, we do get the right answers.

How can I Ask the Right Question??? When we Analyze Listening, we hear this palate of colors:

 listening to lead

At the end of session, we had ourselves thinking “If we get a little better at listening, what difference we could make to the people we interact” As Nancy Kline puts in “Quality of your attention determines the quality of other people’s thinking”.

listening chart

In today’s digital age, we are on the lookout of new information or new techniques to work and solve many challenges at workplace, this session was eyeopener for me and many of us with a great message “ Whether you are a coach or mentor, a manager or leader, a colleague or peer, a partner or friend, the quality of your listening can truly help bring a new clarity of understanding that ordinary conversations will miss”.