Joachim Dehais





Author: Joachim Dehais, PMP

Space dust into precious metal: managing research and development for the big and small

Thursday night’s PMI event was an exercise in perspective. One of those event where the macro meets the micro at the horizon.

Our two speakers, former colleagues and longtime friends, prepared and delivered a joint presentation on what Research and Development can look like in a nascent star (DBS System, medical devices, Lausanne), and a dwarfing red giant (Nestlé).

With such different constraints, one needs no telescope to see that making your own space requires a different set of skills, processes, and people than maintaining internal fusion in a massive reactor. But just how does that happen in practice?

To channel the need for innovation, our two speakers showed the way in which time-tested management wisdom had its place, but how continuous adaptation and agility shaped their lives. In doing so, they could draw a parallel across scales and fill the vacuum that separates their position with precious insight.

This insight triggered robust discussion late into the evening between new and regular attendees alike, making me look forward to the coming programme of events.