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Newsletter Editorial June/July 2019

Newsletter Editorial June/July 2019




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Author: Adi Muslic, PMP

Summer is here!

Last week was an extremely hot week and I hope you did not need to be outside for a long time. However, if you indeed had to do your work outside I would be happy to hear from you how did you manage to work in such hard conditions. Actually I am not sure how many of PMI membres in Switzerland actually work in sectors where working outside is a standard working environment. Would be nice to hear their stories.

Lat week I was working in Geneva's city center. Besides many people that were dressed very light there were those who were fully dressed up, so a full suit and a tie. Yes, they were people working in the private banks and there are many of them in Geneva. A traditional banker's uniform. Every day we are hearing a lot about digital transformation; the standard banking model is more and more challenged by fin-tech and online banks. It made me wonder whether there was the time to change the dress code in the banks.
There was time when taxi drivers were wearing suits and ties. Today, anyone hardly cares whether the taxi driver has a suit or not. But what I think we all care about is whether the car is clean or not. This is why I appreciate the digital model where you can easily leave a note or a comment. In the standard taxi car model I am not even sure what is the way to report someone who provides a bad service.
And there is also a world of private limousines with a very strict dress code, not to mention state of the car. 
Going back to the banking world, does the dress code and business model make standard banks look like taxis and private banks like private limousines. Using this comparison it is clear that there is a place for fully digital banks. Whether all 3 business models will all survive or not, we will need to wait and see.
This reminds me of another sector where the dress code is important. The car sales. Looking forward to see how this sector will change with digital transformation. Have you been already engaged in such transformation? Please share, this is the right place.
Wish you a beautiful and not so hot summer,