Julia Posselt

Author: Julia Posselt, PMP


PMI Running Team - a sunny start to the Kerzerslauf season

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The Kerzerslauf is THE idyllic spring run for the season opening. The PMI Running Team was there, and we enjoyed the beautiful nature reserve in a sunny atmosphere. Together with thousands of running enthusiasts we start into the 5, 10 or 15 km long course.



Only a few hundred meters after the start in the village centre we leave the village on a long gradient. My first walk... For two kilometres the route leads over open cultivated land with a view of the snow-covered Jura heights.


Afterwards it goes over country lanes through dense forest area. At the halfway point we reach the Aare and then follow the idyllic reservoir near Niederried. Up to Golaten we overcome a steep climb, which demands everything again - my second walk, as sleek as Adriano Gelentano. For the remaining five kilometres, the running track is flat until we continue down the side roads to the finish line supported by steel bands and alphorns. On the last kilometre we mobilize our last reserves like many of the runners; I enjoy the strong applause of the numerous spectators and, together with my husband, sprint over the red carpet underneath the finish arch decorated with colourful balloons. We did it!


Happy and satisfied we meet our PMI colleagues in the Höfli Pub. With fine “plättli”, bruschetta and crispy pizza we meet new colleagues from the other regions, exchange running tips and the conversations take their course...



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