Julia Posselt

Author: Julia Posselt, PMP
2019 PMI Switzerland Board Announced
We are happy to announce that Irina Petkova has been elected President of the 2019 PMI Switzerland Board. 
Our big thanks goes to Stefan Vesenmeier and his glorious PMI Basel Events Team for a superb AMM 2019 where Michael Murray, our onstage host, led through the evening. We bid farewell to Serge Garazi who handed over to Philippe Soupart, our new VP Operations. We welcomed Thijs Wijnands as new VP Professional Development and are super happy to have Loïc Hascher reelected to continue as VP Members. 
Congratulations also to Daniel Rodellar for being the “PMI Switzerland Volunteer of the Year 2018”. 
Our ambition for 2019? 
We start with good inspiration from the AMM Keynote "Breaking Down Barriers – 5 Decisions for a Successful Mindset" with Matthias Berg: 
  • We take action and focus on our ability 
  • We stay disciplined when things get challenging 
  • And we take responsibility to use our mandates for providing you, our dear PMI Switzerland Community, with the most joyful times 
Our stance and attitude? Being thankful, being optimistic.
Julia Posselt
VP Special Projects