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Editorial February 2019 Newsletter

Editorial February 2019 Newsletter

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Author: Carlos Martinez Arteaga, PMP

Dear members and newsletter subscribers,

Dealing with uncertainty can surely be tough, at least for me, who likes to enjoy a peaceful time every now and then...

The way uncertainty affects me is that it does not allow me to focus 100% on my work, as it is always in the back of my mind, not allowing me to concentrate on what I am doing. It also makes me feel nervous, and I get irritated quite easily. Uncertainty for me is certainly not good at all.

I have been told that there are certain things that one can do to make these painful moments easier to handle, as uncertainty cannot be fully "managed", due to the fact that we do not know how things will turn out in the end...

For example one thing we can do if we think something bad might be coming is expect the worst, and therefore when it comes we will somehow be ready to take the hit... therefore this planning in advance to the event occurring could help us deal with it better. Also we can turn it all around by thinking even further and planning how we can get the best out of the situation, thereby salvaging some bit of profit out of the bad if possible. If we picture the event, and see ourselves dealing with it, it is usually a good exercise which prepares us when having to face the moment. It is basically being positive.

Another tip I was told is to make something happen, that is, try to make certain what is uncertain, thereby making the situation more manageable. As said previously uncertainty usually makes us anxious, and this is not healthy, therefore if we make things happen this will lower our anxiety levels.

Then there is also the need to calm ourselves down. We should sit down and determine what we know versus what we don't know. Sometimes we over excite ourselves about something that in reality is minor, and when we start really thinking about the issue as a whole we realize that we can handle more than we initially thought. Then what remains as uncertainy is far less cumbersome. We then see that we can relax and will probably face the situation quite well. 

Finally there is a saying that I repeat myself in these moments of uncertainty which is "There is no such harm that would not trigger something good". It comes from Spain and the translation itself might be a bit confusing, but in reality what it means is that something bad or harmful can then become the trigger for good things to happen.