PM Conference 2023 Speaker - Lucila Dotto



Lucila Dotto

PMI Europe Head of Community

Lucila Dotto serves as the Europe Head of Community of PMI, where she assumes leadership of the team dedicated to fostering connections, enabling growth, and empowering the PMI Community throughout Europe.

She is an Organizational Psychologist, and she holds a Master in Marketing and Communications, among other qualifications.

Lucila is an SME in culture transformation, leadership development and behavioral change.

She is experienced in designing and implementing strategies that foster collaborative and high-performing teams in diverse work environments, by merging academic insights with practical expertise.


Megatrends, the future of work and the power skills we need to succeed

We’re living in a world with an increasingly high rate of change, requiring people and organizations to develop transferable ways of working to adapt. In 2021 we learned there might not be a new normal, only the perpetual and accelerating pace of change. As PMI actively monitors the technological dynamics, demographic shifts, and complexities of globalization that are reshaping our world, six megatrends stand out based on their impact and the implications for projects across the world.

  • Digital Disruption
  • Climate Crisis
  • Demographic Shifts
  • Economic Shifts
  • Labor Shortages
  • Civil, Civic, and Equality Movements

Based on these Global Trends we have found our future-proof skills that will boost your employability and get connected to exclusive career development resources by Project Management Institute. You’ll learn:

  • Top global trends that are shaping today’s workforce
  • How organizations are restructuring to adapt
  • Why project-based work is leading the economy
  • Some of the future-proof skills that professionals need to succeed in any industry
  • The future of work: AI and Talent