PM Conference 2023 Speaker - Karin Merck



Karin Merck

Senior Project Manager at Lonza AG, PM Trainer at Seva Consulting GmbH

Supporting companies and professionals achieving their business and personal goals by sound project management, consulting and training.


Empower yourself! Success Principles for Project Managers

Success Principles (SPs) are originally designed to help people make profound shifts in their mindset. Learn how to employ SPs to become a highly successful individual yourself and to develop the Project Managers in your organisation to become more self-conscious, empowered and effective.

In this workshop we will focus on the first and most important Success Principle E+R=O and learn how to create a highly effective mindset and feel more empowered. We will listen to real life stories out of Karin’s 25y+ experience as a PM in contract organisations and we will do some fun exercises to literally feel the effect of mindset in our bodies.


  • How to create a highly effective mindset
  • How to effectively respond to situations to create the outcome you want and how not to respond
  • Understand the role you have in the existence of a difficult and troubling situation and how to empower yourself to address this situation
  • Understand how your thoughts and convictions and your behaviour create a result
  • Understand and experience how your physical body and your mind are affected by non-empowering behaviour